I am an MRC Research Fellow based at the University of Manchester. My current research is focussed on  understanding mechanisms of plasticity in the human somatosensory cortex. My research combines experimental work involving non-invasive brain stimulation with psychophysics testing and mathematical modelling. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of cortical networks in both healthy and diseased brains and have successfully applied a combination of quantitative mathematical modelling techniques and neuroimaging data to further our understanding in this field.

My work uses a combination of EEG, fMRI and MR spectroscopy to measure changes in neural dynamics in response to stimuli such as tACS or repetitive tactile stimulation. At the same time, I am developing mathematical models to try to explain the biochemical mechanisms that underpin plasticity in response to stimulation. The models are used to make predictions which are, in turn, testable experimentally. Ultimately, it is hoped that modelling work of this kind will optimise non-invasive brain stimulation and aid both clinicians and researchers working in this field.