Lucia Zepeda Rivera

I am trained as a speech and language therapist, and am currently enrolled in the ‘Engineering with Biomedical Engineering’ masters course at the University of Valparáiso. I also work as a research assistant at the Advanced Center of Electronic Engineering and Electronics (AC3E; Centro Avanzado de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica) at the Technical University of Federico Santa María (USM). I am involved in several projects, including the investigation of the mechanism of corollary discharge in psychiatric disorders, the effects of high altitudes on the brain, syntactic and lexical alterations in Schizophrenia, linguistic-cognitive stimulation in preverbal speakers, prosodic behavior in Schizophrenia, and the Lombard response in muscle tension dysphonia. As part of these projects, I am involved in data collection and analysis using a variety of behavioral and electrophysiological techniques.