Mònica Otero Ferreiro

email: monicaot2001@gmail.com

Phd Student in Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Thesis Project:

Alpha band and predictive coding

Neural oscillations have been suggested to be involved in basic mechanisms which allow the synchronization of neural activity within and across brain regions and contribute to the accurate temporal codification of neural processes underlying perception, attention, cognition, and behavior among others. Neural entrainment has been defined as the synchronization of neural responses to an external stimulus. It has been demonstrated that perceptual detection of target stimuli presented right after the entrainment offset, depends on the time between the entrainment offset and the target presentation. These results have suggested that entrainment persists after visual stimulation removal. Considering the hypothesis of neural entrainment, we tested the persistence duration of the visual steady state (SSVEP) when the driving stimulus ends at high and low points of functional coupling of the cortical network tuned to the frequency of stimulation. This research aims to identify the mechanisms involved in the persistence of neural entrained signals using EEG recordings and neural mass modeling.


2008- Bsc in Computer Science at Universidad de La Habana, Cuba.

Research Area:

-Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience

Research interest:

-EEG, neural entrainment, SSVEP

-Models of entrainment and modulation of perceptual responses

-Digital Signal Processing

-Neural mass models

-Brain Dynamics modeling