Pamela Guevara

My current research interests include:

My main area of research is the development of tools for the study and analysis of brain connectivity, based on brain tractography data from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI). We have developed some white matter fiber clustering methods, adapted to group the fibers of individuals into compact and regular clusters. These processing have been used, along with other methods, to identify common connections across subjects and created deep white matter and superficial white matter bundle atlases. We have also developed a white matter bundle segmentation method. Furthermore, we are currently interested in the parcellation of the cortical surface based on diffusion MRI. The methods have been applied to datasets of healthy subjects and different psychiatric disorders and neurological diseases.  I am also interested in the integration of structural and functional connectivity information.

Another area of interest is the optimized visualization of the tracts, where we have developed applications for an interactive visualization and manipulation of the fibers.  We are constantly improving the methods to adapt them to higher and more complex databases.

Other interests include the development of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality applications for education and training.

More details can be found in my personal webpage: